Laravel PHP Framework Training

Course Outline

Learn to master Laravel to make advanced applications like an API for mobile use or a real CMS application.

Course content

  • To install Laravel and develop on Windows and MAC.
  • PHP & Laravel Architecture.
  • How to use routes.
  • How to create and use Controllers and how they work.
  • How to create Views and templates.
  • How to use the templating engine Blade.
  • How to connect and use Databases.
  • How to create migrations.
  • Learn about Laravel ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and Raw SQL queries.
  • How to use Laravel Tinker – Command line program to work with Laravel without persisting data.
  • Form Validation
  • Use third-party libraries to add to Laravel
  • How to use Middleware and security
  • Learn about sessions
  • Learn about sending emails
  • How to use Github or version control with Laravel
  • Learn to create a BULK functionality that you can use the CRUD on it
  • Learn to deploy Laravel

Duration : 24 Hrs

Course fee : 15000 LKR